Frequently Asked Questions

42 lbs. / 19.5 kg. See the chart below with full board specs.

Each Crystal Board will come with 1 SUP, 1 Paddle, 1 Fin, and 1 Ankle Leash

Yes and No. You can stack the Crystal Board SUP’s, however, you may want a protective sheet in between each SUP to decrease your chance of scratches. You should not stack more than 3-5 SUP’s at one time.

Yes. Contact us here and we'll prepare a shipping quote for you. Be sure to let us know how many you plan on ordering, the address or port for delivery and if you have a specific deadline that must be met.

No - as long as basic common-sense steps are followed to avoid creating conditions that lead to scratches.

1. ALWAYS spray down the Crystal Board with fresh water after each use. Particulate matter is what leads to scratches.... wash out salt and sand! 

2. NEVER drag them on the ground. When you're done using the Crystal Board be sure to pick it up out of the water before it has a chance to drag on the sand/rocks/grass/etc.

Yes. We offer a Restoration Kit. Click here for details. The Bailing Sponge is also ideal for wiping down the Crystal Board SUP. You can find all of the Crystal Board accessories here.

We have taken a low-price / high-volume sales philosophy and are proud to make Crystal Boards affordable for everyone!

Yes. We have several financing programs available and you can buy a Crystal Board and get payments as low as $0 a month. You can find more information on these options during your checkout stage under “AS LOW AS”